Secretariat for Transport

Lazarela Kalezić

Address: Ul. Vasa Raičkovića bb
Telephone: 020/ 235-185, 020/ 235-188, 020/ 675-654

The Secretariat for Transport performs tasks relating to:

1)    monitoring and enforcing laws and regulations adopted on the basis of laws in the areas of transport, roads, and other regulations relating to exercising the administrative body’s functions; giving opinions on proposals and draft laws and other regulations and state planning acts from these areas;
2)    preparing and  enforcing the regulations and acts of the Capital City in the areas the body is established for; preparing Acts on the Establishing of the public services it is supervising; giving opinions on initiatives to evaluate the constitutionality and legality of the regulations that fall within the body’s competence;
3)    drafting and implementing the operation programme of the Secretariat and other programme and planning acts within the scope of the body; conducting the local strategy plan; integrity plan and other plans and programmes of the Capital City within the body’s competence; monitoring and conducting national planning acts within the body’s competence;
4)    conducting administrative procedures and carrying out administrative tasks in the areas the body is established for (temporary erection of fences, occupation and excavation of public surfaces in the corridor of municipal and unclassified roads; connecting commercial facilities to municipal and unclassified roads; temporary and occasional parking lots; temporary garages, parking reservations; placing bus stops and canopies on municipal roads; issuing licences and excerpts from licences for urban and suburban regular passenger transportation and taxi transport; extraordinary connections to municipal and unclassified roads); procedures for free access to information and other procedures within the competence of the body in accordance with the law and decisions of the Capital City;
5)    acting upon the initiatives of citizens within the scope of the body;
6)    keeping a record of the local resources in general use and other local assets of general use in the field of transport and roads, as well as other records in the fields the body is established for, in accordance with the law and regulations of the Capital City;
7)    administrative supervision, activities of exercising the rights of founders in the public services “Parking Service Podgorica” and “Road Maintenance Podgorica”; deciding upon the legal remedies for first-instance acts of the public services it supervises, and legal remedies of consumers of services of general interest; giving opinions on the Statute, acts on internal organisation and systematisation, programme of work and report on work in terms of their compliance with the special Guidelines of the Mayor, plans, programmes, price lists, and other materials of those services;
8)    participation in the identification and protection of the capital of the Capital City in the procedure of privatisation of the public services supervised and founded by the Capital City;
9)    preparation of reports on operations, information, and other technical materials within the scope of the body for the Assembly, Mayor, state administration bodies, the media, etc.;
10)    preparation of annual and other reports for the Chief Administrator on resolving administrative tasks within its competence, realisation of the integrity plan, procedure of providing for the participation of citizens in performing public affairs, exercising the principle of transparency by publishing prescribed acts, cooperation with NGOs, and other reports;
11)    preparation of information for the media within its scope and the scope of public services supervised and its submission to the Public Relations Office in order to be processed and published in the media, on the website, and on social media;
12)    keeping an inventory and record of immovable and movable property at the Capital City’s disposal, which the Service uses for exercising its functions (official buildings and offices, except those used by multiple administration bodies, equipment, and means of transport, etc.), in accordance with the law which defines state property; submitting the records in electronic form to the local administration body responsible for property affairs with all the amendments that occurred during the year;
13)    other affairs within its scope, in accordance with the law and other regulations.


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