Secretariat for Local Self-Government

Slađana Anđušić

Address: Ul. Vuka Karadžića br. 16
Telephone:+382 20 447-180
Fax:+382 20 447-181

The Secretariat for Local Self-Government is a local administration body of the Capital City established by the Decision on the Organisation and Manner of Administration Operation of the Capital City (“Official Gazette of Montenegro – Municipal Regulations” Nos. 38/18, 43/18).
The tasks of the Secretariat:
The Secretariat for Local Self-Government performs tasks referring to:
-    monitoring and enforcement of the law and regulations adopted based on law in the fields of: local self-government system, youth policy, civil service relations, personal data protection, the symbols and seal of the Capital City, its bodies and administration bodies, the family in the area of marriage, international private law, registries, transcription certification, signatures and originals, NGOs, and other regulations regarding the execution of administrative bodies’ functions; declaration on drafts and proposals of laws and other regulations and planning acts in the fields for which the body was founded;
-    preparation and enforcement of the regulations of the Capital City in the fields for which the body was founded (local communities, formation of the working body of the Capital City for the Development and Protection of Local Self-Government and other working bodies of the Capital City; participation of the local population in performing public activities; cooperation and partnership of the Capital City and NGOs; use of the symbols of the Capital City; use of seals; ethical standards and conduct of Ethics Commissions; conditions and manner of providing spatial and other conditions for youth clubs, youth centres, informal groups, information centres and others, associations of local youth organisations; providing legal assistance to citizens, the organisation and manner of operation of local administration, criteria for the internal organisation and systematisation of administration bodies and services of the Capital City; gender equality and other regulations within the scope of the body); declarations regarding initiatives for assessing the legality of the regulations of the Capital City within the competence of the body;
-    providing legal opinions on the compliance of regulations prepared by local administration bodies with the law and secondary legislation acts and their mutual harmonisation;
-    drafting and conducting the programme of operations of the Secretariat; the strategy for young people of the Capital City, annual plan of training for local civil servants and employees, the local human resource plan and other strategic, programme and planning acts within the scope of the body; implementation of the local strategic plan within the competence of the body, integrity plan and others, and the monitoring and enforcement of national planning acts within the scope of the body;
-    managing human resources in the Capital City (publishing and conducting calls and competitions for the needs of local administration; examining the possibility of assigning available local civil servants, or employees to vacant jobs in the local administration, monitoring the enforcement of measures to proportional representation of minority groups and other national minority communities in bodies and offices, gender-balanced representation and the hiring of persons with disabilities;  coordinating the organisation of the training of local civil servants and employees of the Capital City for the needs of the state administration body in charge of staffing management; keeping and updating employee records in the Capital City; registering and unregistering  employees from mandatory pension and health insurance; conducting procedures of free access to information and other administrative procedures within the competence of the body, in accordance with the law and regulations of the Capital City;
-    implementing procedures for the establishment and operation of local communities and centres;
-    other tasks within its scope, in accordance with the law and other regulations.


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