Secretariat for finance

Balša Špadijer

Address: Njegoševa 13
Telephone:+382 20 665-079, +382 20 665-084
Fax: +382 20 665-080

The Secretariat for Finance performs administration tasks referring to:
•    preparing, planning, and drafting the draft budget of the Capital City; preparing a report on the implementation of fiscal policy for the current year and proposing guidelines, on the basis of which revenues and expenses for the following year are planned and which are defined by the Mayor; drafting expert instruction on the goals and guidelines of consumer units for the purposes of preparing the budget; stipulating the more detailed content and form of the request for granting budgetary resources; stipulating the content of the financial plan and the balance sheet of the municipality’s financial plan; creating draft decisions on temporary financing; monitoring the use of granted resources of consumer units in accordance with the dynamic approved by the Mayor, submitting information on revenues and expenses and the budgetary debt to the line ministry; preparing reports on the use of resources of the constant budgetary reserve for the Assembly of the Capital City; participating in drafting the development programme of the Capital City and specific industries and the multiannual investment plan, and determining the investment policy; giving proposals for the issuance of decisions on investment in accordance with the defined investment policy; performing tasks relating to the debt of the Capital City by issuing securities or taking on loans; performing tasks of introducing voluntary tax; participating in identifying and protecting the capital of the Capital City in transformation proceedings of public enterprises whose founder is the capital city and other economic subjects;  
•    managing the consolidated treasury account, as well as sub-accounts and other accounts and keeping records on the Capital City’s existing debt; preparing the balance sheet of the Capital City’s budget; approving the opening of sub-accounts and more closely defining the manner in which these accounts are used; managing the treasury’s ledger and sub-ledger; performing financial planning and managing cash resources; monitoring expenses and the implementation of the budget; performing the calculation and payment of salaries and allowances of the employees of the administrative bodies and of civil servants, as consumer units; managing the central register on the earnings of local officials and employees; managing debt and analysing indebtedness, budgetary accounting and reporting; managing the financial information system;
•    preparing regulations defining local public income (taxes, surtaxes, charges, and fees) and analysing the effects of implementing these regulations, on the basis of information and in cooperation with the bodies competent for local public income and entrepreneurship, and with the aim of proposing adequate fiscal policy; preparing information and other expert materials for the Assembly and the Mayor; preparing expert opinions and comments on initiatives for evaluating the constitutionality and legality of the Capital City’s regulations and for faithful interpretations of the Capital City’s regulations in this area; cooperating directly with NGOs regarding issues within the administrative bodies’ competence;
•    performing tasks regarding free access to information within the scope of work of the Secretariat;

The Secretariat for Finance also performs other tasks within the competence of the Capital City in this area.


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