Secretariat for Culture and Sports

Ana Medigović

Address: Ul. Marka Miljanova br. 4
Telephone:+382 20 225-144, +382 20 225-168
Fax: +382 20 225-166

The Secretariat is within the Administrative Organisation of the Capital City
The Secretariat for Culture and Sports is an administrative body of the Capital City established by the Decision on the Organisation and Manner of Operation of the Capital City Administration (“Official Gazette of Montenegro – Municipal Regulations” No. 19/13).
The tasks of the Secretariat are as follows:
-    preparation of the cultural development programme of the Capital City; drafting regulations, other acts for the purpose of creating conditions for the operation of culture institutions established by the Capital City regarding theatres, libraries, museums, cinema, archaeology, and other activities in the field of culture, artistic creativity, cultural and artistic amateurism; keeping a registry on, protecting, and maintaining monuments and memorials; drafting programmes for the erection of memorials; organisation of cultural events and other tasks in this field;
-    administrative and other tasks relating to directing special-needs children to educational programmes; awarding scholarships to high school graduates; participating in incentivising talented and gifted children to pursue further education; participating in the preparation and realisation of events in the field of education;
-    development and enhancement of sports for children, young people, and other citizens; ensuring conditions for training and competitions and incentive for activities for persons with disabilities; creating conditions for the operations of institutions from the field of sports; organisation of sports events; development of sports schools and mass sport; exercising certain rights of athletes and their clubs; awarding prizes and honours in the field of sports; making programmes for financing sports activities and sports events; monitoring the realisation of investment programmes financed by the Capital City;
-    participation in the procedure of adopting the national sports programme; preparation of the sports programme of the Capital City, and making an annual plan for the realisation of the programme; giving opinions on the Analysis of transforming an amateur sports club into a professional club;
-    development of a local action plan for young persons, monitoring the realisation of the defined measures and preparation of reports;
-    administrative supervision and the tasks of exercising the rights of the founders in public services in the fields within its competence; giving opinions and preparing approvals on the Statute, the programme of work, and acts on the internal organisation and systematisation of those public services, opinions on reports on operations and proposing measures related to information and other materials;
-    preparation of reports on operation, information and other technical materials within the scope of the body for the Assembly, Mayor, state administration bodies, the media, etc.;
-    preparation of annual and other reports for the Chief Administrator on resolving administrative affairs within its competence, realisation of the integrity plan, the procedure of providing for the participation of citizens in performing public affairs, exercising the principle of transparency by publishing prescribed acts, cooperation with NGOs, and other reports;
-    preparation of information for the media within its scope and the scope of supervised public services and its submission to the Public Relations Office in order to be processed and published in the media, on the website, and on social media;
-    keeping an inventory and record of the immovable and movable property at the Capital City’s disposal, which the Service uses for exercising its functions (official buildings and offices, except for those used by multiple administration bodies, equipment, and means of transport, etc.), in accordance with the law which defines state property; submitting the records in electronic form to the local administration body responsible for property affairs with all the amendments that occurred during the year;
-    other tasks within its scope, in accordance with the law and other regulations.


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