Public Relations Office

Vladislav Dajković

Address: Njegoševa 13
Telephone: +382 20 665065, +382 20 665 078


The Public Relations Office performs the following tasks:
1)    participation in the preparation and implementation of the Statute of the Capital City, decisions, and other acts which define the publicity and transparency of the performance of the Assembly, the Mayor, administration bodies, and special, professional, and public services;
2)    drafting and implementation of programmes relating to the performance of service and planning acts of the Capital City within the scope of the competence of the service; monitoring and implementation of state planning acts within the competence of the service;
3)    collecting and processing information from the heads of administration bodies, special and professional services, and the directors of public services on the preparation and carrying out of the law and other regulations, state planned, programme, and other acts that impact the Capital City, as well as regulations, planned, programme and other acts of the Assembly, Mayor, administration bodies, and special and public services of the Capital City;
4)    processing information from reports on performance, the implementation of plans and projects of the Mayor, administration bodies, special, professional, and public services and other reports which are subject to the obligation of announcing (the results of public discussion, and cooperation and partnership with the civil sector, etc.);
5)    promotion of the execution of function of the Assembly, Mayor, local administration, and public services;
6)    preparation and organisation of press conferences, forums, summits, etc.;
7)    cooperation with the civilian sectors within its competence;
8)    preparation of a film on the performance of the Capital City;
9)    preparation and publishing of information for the domestic and international public on the activities from item 3 and 4 this article and other information; collection and publishing of the Regulatory Impact Assessment and other regulations (RIA) adopted by the Assembly and the Mayor in accordance with the Statute of the Capital City; selection and processing of information with the purpose of publishing on the website of the Capital City and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram);
10)    preparation of publications and other materials;
11)    updating the website of the Capital City within its scope of competence;
12)    preparation and distribution of press clippings;
13)    execution of procedures for free access to information and other procedures in accordance with the law and decisions of the Capital City;
14)    preparation of the reports on performance and other information and technical materials for the Assembly, the Mayor, administration bodies, media, etc. within the tasks of this service;
15)    monitoring of interactive communication forms – blogs, official sites of domestic associations and agencies;
16)    monitoring the activities of administration bodies and public services and proposing innovations in the field of informing citizens on the operation of the bodies and services;
17)    maintaining comparative experiences and proposing programme innovation in this field, cooperating with the Information System Centre of the Capital City, with the aim of publishing reports, announcements, and reactions on the City website and updating information on it.
18)    coordination and cooperation with the administration bodies of the Capital City, special and professional services, as well as the public services established by the Capital City and other subjects and the collection of information significant for exercising the rights and obligations of citizens and other subjects of interest towards the authorised bodies and services;
19)    timely and complete provision of answers to the questions of citizens and other subjects of interest on the manner of exercising their rights and obligations towards local self-government bodies, bodies of local administration and public services, as well as, when necessary, on all other activities of the Capital City;
20)    engaging with citizens and other subjects of interest, considering and processing their requests, asking authorised bodies and services for their responses in regard to this and delivering feedback to the submitter of the requests within 48 hours of their reception;
21)    maintaining records on the received requests and deadlines for delivering an answer;
22)    maintaining special records on citizens’ suggestions;
23)    in cooperation with the authorised local self-government bodies, bodies of local administration, and public services, analysing the timeliness, quality, and efficiency of bodies’ conduct regarding the requests of citizens and other subjects of interest, and providing suggestions for the improvement of the functioning of their performance, in accordance with the regulations;
24)    execution of other tasks of interest to citizens and to other interested subjects in exercising their rights and obligations towards self-government bodies, bodies of local administration and public services, upon the orders of the Mayor and the Head of the Office.


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