Property Directorate

Mladen Ilić

Address: Ul. Jovana Tomaševića 2A
Telephone: +382 20 625-607, +382 625-618, +382 67/ 652-595


The Property Directorate performs tasks relating to:

-    professional and related administrative affairs regarding property rights and authorisations on state property at the disposal of and used by the Capital City and its bodies, keeping records of property and submitting a report on the condition of property to the Assembly; initiating the procedure of registration of the right to real estate; initiating the procedure of transferring the right to construction land and processing acts on the transfer of the right to construction land; providing information to the bodies of the Capital City based on the record it keeps; preparing regulations and processing acts regarding the disposal of state property upon the authorisation of the Capital City (decisions, agreements, resolutions); giving opinions on proposals of acts on the usage of state property prepared by the public services established by the Capital City; preparing and concluding agreements on leasing agricultural land after the Secretariat for Entrepreneurship Development has made its opinion; keeping a record on property and legal changes that have arisen based on those acts, and initiating the procedure for changes to the registration of the right to real estate.
-    initiating expropriation procedures according to the Construction Land Development Programme and representing the Capital City until the completion of procedure; preparing decision proposals on defining the general interest for the exploitation of real estate with the aim of constructing facilities of direct importance to exercising the function of local self-government; conducting the procedure and resolving on the transfer of undeveloped urban construction land from the previous owners with the purpose of putting it to its designated use defined by the Plan;
-    administrative supervision of the operation of the Agency for Construction and Development, Podgorica, in terms of the management and use of commercial premises. The Property Directorate also performs the tasks of representing the Capital City before the courts and other bodies and takes measures and invests legal resources for the purpose of protecting the property rights and the interest of the Capital City; participating in the identification and protection of the capital of the Capital City in the procedures of transformation of business entities.
The tasks from the previous paragraph are organised at the sector level.
-    preparing information and other expert materials for the Assembly and the Mayor on matters within its scope of activity;
-    performing activities with regard to free access to information within the scope of the Directorate, defined by the Law on Free Access to Information;
-    performing other tasks within the competence of the Capital City in this field.


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