Office of the Chief Administrator

Vuksan Vuksanović

Address: Njegoševa 13
Telephone: +382 20 665-067, +382 20 665-035

The tasks of the Chief Administrator are defined by the legal provisions (Law on Local Self-Government, Law on the Capital City) and norms included in subordinate legislation (Statute of the Capital City, Decision on the Organisation and Manner of Operation of the Capital City Administration). The mentioned regulations describe the Chief Administrator’s position within the system of local self-government, define his authorisation and activities, and closely define the establishment of the Chief Administrator’s Office.
The Chief Administrator: performs the tasks of a second-instance body for the administrative matters that fall within the competence of the authorities and special services; coordinates the work of the authorities and services in the performance of activities which require mutual cooperation (development regulations, action plans, the Capital City’s strategic development plan, and other development plans and programmes, development of reports regarding their implementation and of technical and informational materials, reports on the implementation of laws, the Capital City’s regulations, etc.); provides his opinion on the act defining the organisation and manner of work of the Capital City administration; provides the authorities and services with technical instructions regarding their work for the purpose of the proper implementation of laws and other regulations; prepares an annual report on actions taken in administrative matters that fall within the competence of the Capital City; submits to the Mayor an annual activity report and other reports requested by the Mayor; resolves conflicts of competence between the Capital City’s local administrative bodies and conflicts of competences between the local administrative bodies of the municipality and the Capital City’s administrative bodies; performs other activities laid down by law, the Statute of the Capital City and acts delegated by the Mayor.
A professional service has been established to perform the activities of the Chief Administrator, which is managed by the Chief Administrator. The Chief Administrator is accountable to the Mayor for his work and the work of his service.
Biography of the Chief Administrator: Vuksan Vuksanović
Born in 1977 in Cetinje. He graduated from elementary school and high school in Podgorica. He graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Montenegro, and passed the bar exam. He presented his master’s thesis titled “The implementation of the Statute of the International Criminal Court into the legal order of Montenegro” at the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade. He has participated in the drafting of over 20 laws and other regulations, and is the editor and author of various expert publications. He worked in the Ministry of Justice from 2003 to 2011, and he served as the head of the Directorate of Legal Affairs  in the Commercial Bank of Montenegro from 2011 until his appointment to the position of Chief Administrator. He has been a consultant on legal issues on projects supported by international development organisations. He has participated in a large number of seminars, conferences, and professional training courses in Montenegro and abroad. He speaks English. He is married, and is the father of one child.


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