Internal Audit Service

Rajko Radonjić

Address: Njegoševa 20
Telephone: +382 020 665-039, +382 020 482 025

The Internal Audit Service performs tasks of internal auditing relating to:
1)    monitoring and implementation of laws and regulations adopted based on laws in the field of the internal financial control system and other regulations of significance for exercising the function of the Service; responding to drafts and proposals of laws in the field for which the Service is established;
2)    drafting and implementation of the Service work programme and other programme and planned acts within the scope of work of the Service; implementing the integrity plan and other plans and programmes of the Capital City within the scope of work of the Service; monitoring and implementation of state planning acts within the competence of the Service;
3)    operative planning, organisation, and conducting of an internal audit of all business functions within the competence of the Capital City;
4)    assessment of the financial risk management system;
5)    performance of special audits at the request of the Mayor and the conducting of an audit of the use of the funds of the European Union;
6)    monitoring the implementation of recommendations on previously conducted audits;
7)    providing technical opinions in the process of introducing new systems and procedures;
8)    cooperation with the ministry responsible for financial affairs regarding training and control of Service work;
9)    cooperation and pursuance of recommendations of the State Audit Institution, international and domestic technical associations; cooperation with the Ministry of Finance in conducting training and monitoring of the Service’s work;
10)    managing the administrative procedure for free access to information and other administrative procedures in accordance with the law; resolving citizens’ initiatives within the scope of work of the Service;
11)    drafting periodic and annual reports on the work of internal audits and other information and technical materials within the scope of work of the body for the Assembly, the Mayor, state administration bodies, the media, etc.;
12)    preparation of annual and other reports for the Chief Administrator on resolving administrative affairs within its competence, implementation of an integrity plan, fulfilling the principle of transparency by publishing the prescribed acts, cooperation with non-governmental organisations, and other reports;
13)    preparation of information for the media within the scope of work and its submission to the Public Relations Service for processing and publishing in the media, on the website and on social media;
14)    keeping an inventory register and record of the non-movable and movable assets in possession of the Capital City and which the Service uses for exercising its function (official buildings and premises, except for those used by multiple administration bodies, equipment, means of transport etc.), in accordance with the law defining state property; submitting the records in electronic form to the local administration body responsible for property affairs with all the amendments that occur throughout the year;
15)    other tasks within its scope of work, in accordance with the law and other regulations.


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