Information System Service

Nikola Mićunović

Address: Njegoševa 20
Telephone:  +382 20 482-001
Fax:+382 20 665-031

The Information System Service performs tasks which relate to:
•    establishment of a unique information system in the Capital City;
•    planning and participating in designing and implementing an information system in the Capital City; proposing new programme systems and perfecting the current systems; drafting project tasks;
•    maintenance of computer and network equipment and means, and ensuring the proper functioning of computer networks;
•    monitoring of automatic data processing and implementation of measures for its protection;
•    participation in the realisation of education and professional training for using information technology and systems;
•    participation in drafting projects funded by international funds and monitoring their implementation;
•    preparation of the annual report for the Chief Administrator on resolving administrative procedures within its competence, providing for the principles of transparency by publishing prescribed acts on the website of the Capital City, cooperation with non-governmental organisations and other reports in exercising its function of coordinating the work of the local administration;
•    running and maintaining the Capital City’s website
•    inventory and record keeping of non-movable and movable items at the Capital City’s disposal, which the Service uses for exercising its functions (official buildings and offices except those used by several administration bodies, equipment and means of transport, etc.), in accordance with the law which defines state property; submitting the records in electronic form to the local administration body responsible for property affairs with all the amendments that occurred during the year;
•    initiating the procedure of selling movable assets used for the purpose of exercising its function;
•    issuing decisions and concluding contracts on the leasing of official buildings and offices for exercising its function by direct agreement necessary for organising sports, cultural, fair, scientific, and other similar needs and events, with the approval of the authorised body of the Capital City and submission of the contracts to the local administration body responsible for property affairs;
•    administrative procedure for free access to information within the scope of its work;
•    preparation of information on the planned and realised activities of the body and its submission to the authorised service with the purpose of publishing it in the media;
•    publishing general and other acts in accordance with the law which defines local self-government;
•    other tasks within its scope of work, in accordance with the law and other regulations.


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