Facts about the City of Podgorica

Podgorica is situated in the northern part of the Zeta Valley, in the centre of Montenegro, at the junction of several major road routes leading from the sea towards the continental part of the country. It is located at an altitude of 44.5 m. Its geographical position is 42.26° N and 19.16° E. The fertile Zeta Plain, the composition of the Rivers Zeta, Ribnica, and Morača, the immediate vicinity of Lake Skadar and the Adriatic Sea, the favourable climate, good communication and strategic position, have all enabled Podgorica to become the largest urban agglomeration in Montenegro. It is not only a modern city, but a city which is the administrative, political, economic, traffic, scientific, educational, and cultural centre of Montenegro. Its prosperity in the post-war period accelerated the development of the city as a whole. Lake Skadar, the vicinity of the sea, the altitude, relief, and latitude all cause the various macro- and micro-climates in the area of the Podgorica Valley. 

According to the National Statistics Buro, by mid-2019, there were 189,260 inhabitants in Podgorica, which represents 30.43% of the total population of Montenegro.


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