Common Affairs Service

Dejan Đukanović

Address:  Njegoševa 20
Telephone: +382 20 482 022
Fax: +382 20 482 090


The Common Affairs Service performs professional, administrative, and technical tasks necessary for the Assembly, the Mayor, the Chief Administrator, and administration bodies, which relate to:
•    office management (tasks of the registry office and archive, tasks of receiving and delivering post, case processing, and other documentation by the application of modern e-technology and other tasks in the field of office management, defined by the law and subordinate legislation),
•    professional, administrative, and technical affairs with regard to the implementation of decisions by the committees responsible for resolving residential issues, apart from residential buildings allocated to persons in need of social welfare (repurchase of apartments, processing contracts on loan, purchase of apartments under more favourable conditions, contract validation, etc.) and other tasks concerning the abovementioned;
•    tasks of current and investment maintenance of the facilities where administration bodies, community offices, and local communities are situated; tasks related to the insurance of local officers and the property of the Capital City;
•    tasks of public procurement in accordance with the law;
•    tasks of securing and protecting the facilities in which the administrative bodies of the Capital City are situated, and other facilities as well, in accordance with regulations; door-keeping tasks; tasks connected with the use, maintenance, and recording of official vehicles; technical and affairs of assistance in connection with the use and protection of the flag and coat of arms of the Capital City; tasks of providing hospitality services to administrative bodies and services; tasks of copying and binding hard copies; tasks of maintaining the hygiene of office premises; carrying out the Guidelines on the manner in which local administration bodies act towards citizens; preparation of information and other technical materials related to the scope of work of the Office;
•    performing tasks regarding free access to information within its scope of work, defined by the Law on Free Access to Information;
•    performing other tasks imposed by the scope of the work.


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