About The Mayor

Mayor: Ivan Vuković, PhD

Address: Njegoševa 13
Telephone: +382 20 664-444, +382 20 664-333
E-mail: ivan.vukovic@podgorica.me, gradonacelnik@podgorica.me


Early life and education

Ivan Vukovic was born on September 17, 1984 in Podgorica, where he finished both elementary school and high school.

Vukovic completed his undergraduate and specialist studies in 2007 at the University of Montenegro, Faculty of Political Science (study program International Relations and Diplomacy), as one of the top students in his class, with an average score of A (9.7).

Shortly before the referendum in 2006, he was one of the student representatives in the Movement for Independence of Montenegro.

After completing his specialist studies (2006-2007), Vukovic completed his internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro, after which he enrolled in postgraduate studies in the Netherlands at the Leiden University.

In 2008, Vukovic defended his master thesis on the topic of "European Integration and Political Competition in Montenegro: The Determinants of Party Consensus".

Upon returning to Montenegro (2008-2014) Vukovic began working as a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Montenegro.

During 2010, Vukovic was writing foreign policy columns for the daily newspaper “Pobjeda”.

From September to November 2013, Vukovic conducted a PhD thesis research at Harvard University and in June 2014 defended his PhD thesis on "Party Outcomes in Hybrid Regimes in the Western Balkans and Beyond" at the Central European University in Budapest.

In the period 2014-2015, Vukovic acquired the title of Lecturer at the Faculty of Political Science; In November 2015 he was elected Assistant Professor and Vice-Dean for International Relations at the same Faculty.

Vukovic then spent the academic year 2016-2017 at the George Washington University as the first Fulbright Postdoctoral scholarship holder from Montenegro. During his stay in America, he was teaching at the aforementioned university, on the subject “Politics in Central and Eastern Europe”.

Vukovic is fluent in English and has a good grasp of French.


-  "Deinstitutionalising Power of Decision-Making Personalisation: the Paradigmatic Case of the Serbian Communist-Successor Party" (with Filip Milačić), chapter accepted for publishing in the book: "Institutionalisation of Political Parties: Comparative Cases", Rowman & Littlefield International/ECPR Press, London, 2018.

-  "The Rise of the Politics of National Identity: New Evidence from Western Europe" (with Filip Milačić), article accepted for publishing in the magazine Ethnopolitics, 2017.

- “Minority Representation in Montenegro: Defying Balkan Standards” (with Filip Milačić), chapter in the book: “Beyond International Conditionality: Local Variations in Minority Representation in Central and South-Eastern Europe”, NOMOS Baden-Baden, Germany, 2017.

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-“Rebuilding Leviathan: Political Competition and State Exploitation in Post-Communist Democracies”, by Anna Grzymala-Busse, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Book review published in Studies of Transition States and Societies, Vol. 2, No. 2, November 2010.

Conferences attended

- “The (Un)changing Paradigm of Montenegro’s Party Politics”, Southern Conference on Slavic Studies, Alexandria, USA, April 2017.

- “Deinstitutionalizing Power of Decision-Making Personalization: The Paradigmatic Case of the Serbian Communist-Successor Party”, Southern Political Science Association, New Orleans, USA, January 2017.

- “Deinstitutionalizing Power of Decision-Making Personalization: The Paradigmatic Case of the Serbian Communist-Successor Party”, European Consortium for Political Research Joint Sessions of Workshops. Pisa, Italy, April 2016.

- “Party Politics of Montenegro: The Long Shadow of the Statehood Issue”, University of Nottingham’s Joint Workshop on Party Politics in Micro-States. Valetta, Malta, April 2015.

- “Croatian Democratic Union in the Time of Hybrid Regime (1990-2000)“, 8th Central European University Annual Doctoral Conference. Budapest, Hungary, April 2013.

- “Political Dynamics of the Post-Communist Montenegro: One-Party Show“, 4th European Consortium for Political Research Graduate Conference. Bremen, Germany, July 2012.

- “The Socialist Party of Serbia: The Pillar of Sand of the Serbian Hybrid Regime “, 7th CEU Annual Doctoral Conference. Budapest, Hungary, April 2012.

- “Diverging Party Outcomes in Hybrid Regimes: The Cases of Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro “, 4th Graduate Network Conference. Berlin, Germany, March 2012.

- “The Structure of Power in Hybrid Regimes: Institutionalized vs. Personalized “, 6th ECPR General Conference. Reykjavik, Island, August 2011.

- “The Dynamics of Hybrid Regimes: Theoretical Overview“, 6th CEU Annual Doctoral Conference. Budapest, Hungary, April 2011.

- “European Integration and Political Competition in Montenegro: The Determinants of Party Consensus“, 6th CEU Conference in Social Science. Budapest, Hungary, April 2010.

- “The Post-Communist Political Transition of the Western Balkans: Croatia, Montenegro, and Serbia between Yugoslav Past and European Future“, 5th CEU Annual Doctoral Conference. Budapest, Hungary, April 2010.


- 2016-2017: Country expert (Montenegro), “Nations in Transit Report”, Freedom House

- 2015-: Associate in the project, “Democracy, Political Participation and The Role of Political Parties in South-East Europe”, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

- 2014-: Associate in the project, “Censuses in South-East Europe”, a consortium of universities from the Western Balkans

- 2013-: Project coordinator, “Identity Politics and Democratization in Austria and Montenegro”, University of Graz and University of Montenegro

- 2013: Country expert (Montenegro), “Varieties of Democracy – V-Dem”, University Goteborg and Notre Dame University

- 2013-2016: Associate in the project, “Developing Human Rights Education at the Heart of Higher Education”, EU Tempus project

- 2013-2016: Associate in the project, “Development of Policy-Oriented Training Programmes in the Context of European Integration”, EU Tempus project

- 2010-: Member, Centar za društvena istraživanja, Fakultet političkih nauka, Univerzitet Crne Gore (Center for social research, Faculty  of Political Sciences, University of Montenegro)

- 2009: Associate in the project, “Crna Gora u XXI vijeku – U eri kompetitivnosti” (Montengro in XXI century – era of competition), Crnogorska akademija nauka i umjetnosti (Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts)


Scholarships and grants

- September 2016 – May 2017: Fulbright scholarship for post-doctoral research, University George Washington, USA

- October 2014: Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research - OeAD, research at University of Graz, Austria

- September - November 2013: Central European University Doctoral Research Support Grant, research University Harvard, SAD

- October - November 2011: EU Coimbra Group Scholarship Program for Young Researchers from Eastern Neighboring Countries, research at University of Graz, Austria

- August 2011: Central European University Summer School Grant, 6th ECPR Summer School in Methods and Techniques, summer school in Ljubljana, Slovenia


-          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGx2UU8UUsUIn the show “Živa istina”, at  Darka Šukovića, 14.12.2018.


-          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-n-w2aASwg - In the show “Živa istina”, at Darka Šukovića, 19.07.2019.


-          https://www.dps.me/me/vijest/facebook-live-intervju-nosioca-liste-u-podgorici-dr-ivana-vukovica - Facebook Live interview, 25.05.2018.


-          https://portalanalitika.me/clanak/341371/vukovic-ulozicemo-u-glavni-grad-do-kraja-mandata-200-miliona-bice-evropski - Vuković: “Uložićemo u Glavni grad do kraja mandata 200 miliona, biće evropski”, press conference on the occasion of the anniversary of the local government


-          https://www.facebook.com/1775980889319633/posts/2147361088848276/ - Interview for “Džada Glavnog grada”


-          https://portalanalitika.me/clanak/336447/vukovic-uciti-se-saradnji-od-balkanskih-gradova - Pricker forum about global cities, Čikago, 06.06.2019.


-          https://portalanalitika.me/clanak/336377/vukovic-u-cikagu-bez-kulture-nema-prave-zajednice - Visit to the Cultural Center in Čikagu, 05.06.2019.


-          https://www.total-montenegro-news.com/business/2769-podgorica-investment - Mayor of Podgorica: New Investment Potential for Capital, 05.12.2018.


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