Mikro 020

The Mikro 020 project was launched with the purpose of transforming the appearance of abandoned areas of Podgorica through the active participation of citizens. Aware of the fact that there are neglected areas in the capital city, the City Management decided to launch this project in order to breathe new life into these locations, and make them once again places where all the city’s residents can gather. In cooperation with its partners and citizens, the desire of the City Management is for these areas to become green urban pockets of the city, where citizens will be happy to spend their spare time. The goal of this project is also for the citizens to become actively involved in making a symbolic contribution to the restoration through the selection of locations, in order to make them feel as if these micro spaces belong in fact to them, which will result in better maintenance and preservation of these areas.

The first phase of the project involved determining and defining the locations. From the very start, a dozen or so locations were determined by our citizens via the city services. The second phase included the collection of funds, and the restoration of the areas, while the third phase was crucial – breathing life into the areas, and putting them to use.

The first micro location was unveiled at the beginning of April 2019, in Princess Ksenija Street in Zabjelo. A remarkable three-dimensional sculpture of Princess Ksenija, created by Nikola Simanić, was later placed in this area. This gave the area an artistic value, in addition to its green vegetation.

Following this, an area on Oktobarske Revolucije Street was developed – an avantgarde architectural design that brings us closer to global and European trends, something that is already being done in developed cities around the world. This project has been recognised at international architectural fairs held in Belgrade.

Another green oasis in the very centre of Podgorica is located opposite Slobodan Škerović High School. In addition to the green surface which adorns the plateau in front of the high school, a sculpture of Ivan Crnojević, the ruler of the State of Zeta in the 15th century and the founder of Cetinje, was erected in this location.

Ilija Plamenac Street in Zabjelo also received a green corner. The Public Enterprise “Greenery” planted 27 seedlings of black pine and white mulberry trees, 352 bushes, and 4,800 bulbs in this area, and laid a lawn covering 286 square metres. An irrigation system, benches, and waste bins were also installed. Previously, work had been done to clear the terrain around the site, remove wild plants, cut the grass, prune the trees, and backfill with peat.

The final micro location was opened in Stari Aerodrom, therefore this quickly developing settlement has also got its own park, which contains a playground for our youngest citizens. The City Management is planning to continue adding greenery to this park area, in order to give this residential area, and thereby Podgorica, the large park it deserves.


Podgorica na dva točka

Podgorica on Two Wheels

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My Tree

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Mikro 020

Mikro 020